About Us


Front room fabrics was originally created in the front room of an old villa on Ponsonby Road.
Since then it has become Front Room Fabrics and is located in a large open plan print studio off Upper Queen Street in Auckland, New Zealand.
Set up by Nicola Guinness nearly 25 years ago, it is currently run as a mother daughter team.
Nicola and Violet have been involved in restaurants and have a great passion for food and wine, this is reflected in their tablecloths, placemats, tea towels and even curtains that suit the dinning interior, creating a more artistic dinning and living experience.
At Front Room Fabrics we create a range of interior merchandise, covering all aspects of the home, including table linen, bed linen, curtains and throws. Each piece is individually printed by hand using quality silk screens. This gives all of our products a unique feel.
The front room also specialises in bespoke panelled curtains,
with a combination of different patterned fabrics, silks, velvets and linens.
We love the contrast and textural feel that is achieved through this panelling process.
Our hand silk screen printed fabrics are unique and sumptuous. We print many natural fabrics, ranging from the sheerest handkerchief linens to dark and brooding velvets with images that
conjure ideas relating to food, art, poetry and music.
We also have a range of wonderful botanical prints which can help you bring a garden feel to the interior of your house with printed panels and colourful velvets.